Jacket Size Guide

Important sizing information .                                                                                              GUIDE TO RETURNING ITEMS

If you have any queries please email: enquiries@flying-jacket.com

  • Men: We suggest men order the same size jacket as their actual chest measurement. If the hips (over and including the widest part of the stomach) are bigger than the chest measurement please write the measurement in the notes on the order page or email us.

NB: For an original Irvin Jacket if your chest is 1-2 inches above the normal chest measurement it may be better to choose the lower size. e.g. The jacket is 42" and your chest measures 43" but your hips (widest part over your stomach - where the jacket may catch when you zip it up) measure 42" or below. A 42" jacket should be okay (as long as hips/stomach are not more than 1" larger than your chest). The Irvin Original jacket is very generously cut at the top of the jacket.

  • Ladies: We suggest ordering the same size jacket as you would normally take in a jacket. These jackets are very generously cut.

Usually a lady with bust & hips 34" to 35" can fit into a size 8; bust & hips 36"-37" can fit into a size 10; bust & hips 38"-39" can fit into a size 12; bust & hips 40"-41" can fit into a size 14; bust & hips 42"-43" can fit into a size 16; bust & hips 44"-45" can fit into a size 18.

  • Length: Jackets are cut either 'regular' or 'long'. Please note: LONG does not mean a longer jacket it generally is only applicable to clients who are over 6 foot (183cms) Our 'long' cut sizes provide additional length on sleeve and back lengths for our taller clients.
    • Men: If you are 6' or 1.83m or 72" or above we would suggest ordering a 'long' or if you find you normally need longer sleeve lengths when purchasing garments.
    • Ladies: If you are 5'7" or 1.70m or 67" or over we would suggest ordering a 'long' or if you find you normally need longer sleeve lengths when purchasing garments.

      Measuring back Length
      We measure back length from the nape of the neck (collar seam) to the base of the jacket.

      Chest: Regular  Long
       36" (91cm)  66cm  71cm
       38" (96cm) 67cm  72.4cm
       40" (101cm) 67cm  72.4cm
       42" (106cm) 68.5cm  73.5cm
       44" (111cm) 68.5cm  73.5cm
       46" (116cm) 70cm  75cm
       48" (121cm) 71cm  76cm
       50" (126cm) 71cm  76cm
       52" (131cm) 71cm  76cm
      Ladies 8 62cm 66cm
      Ladies 10 62cm 66cm
      Ladies 12 63.5cm 67cm
      Ladies 14 63.5cm 67cm
      Ladies 16 63.5cm 67cm

  Measuring Sleeves
  We measure sleeves from the top of the arm to about 1" (24mm) below the wrist bone. Please see table below for the sleeve length of our jackets.

Chest: Regular  Long
 36" (91cm)  58.5cm  62cm
 38" (96cm)  60cm  63.5cm
 40" (101cm)  60cm  63.5cm
 42" (106cm)  61cm  64.7cm
 44" (111cm)  61cm  64.7cm
 46" (116cm)  62cm  66cm
 48" (121cm)  63.5cm  67cm
 50" (126cm)  63.5cm  67cm
 52" (131cm)  63.5cm  67cm
  • International clients please see the conversion chart below to establish the equivalent UK size needed.
  • Within the order notes please advise any other details that you feel may help us select the best size.
  • If you are unsure of the size you need then please email us with all the details enquiries@flying-jacket.com and we will help size you, and if needed we will make minor adjustments to the back and sleeve length which may incur a small additional charge. We do not make to measure and if small adjustments are needed we cannot take back the jacket or issue a refund.
  • Please see our opening times.

Mens International equivalent sizes

Australia 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52
Europe 46 48 50 52 54 56 58 60 62
United States 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52
United Kingdom 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52

Ladies International equivalent sizes

Australia 8 10 12 14 16 18
Europe 36 38 40 42 44 46
United States 6 8 10 12 14 16
United Kingdom 8 10 12 14 16 18


Care of your Sheepskin Jacket
All sheepskin garments with a 'leather look' have a sprayed on finish. This is true of every brand available on the market, and the finish will wear to a suede-like appearance over time. This finish is colourfast under normal circumstances. However, certain solvents on hands or surfaces can slightly damage the dark brown finish in a way that the colour could run. These solvents include: Leather seat treatments, hand creams, perfumes, petrol, oils, etc. Seat belts can also 'rub' the surface causing a mark, over time.

DO NOT Dry Clean, you will need to find a specialist sheepskin cleaner to clean your item. For small areas and patch cleaning, use a very dilute baby shampoo sparingly over the 'wool' area and allow to dry naturally. Once dry you can carefully tease out the wool with a pet comb (do not touch the 'leather-like' surface as this will scratch). For the outer surface of the jacket use a wax based leather food very sparingly and gently wipe over. DO NOT USE a chemical/solvent leather cleaner or saddle soap as the outer surface is NOT leather. Store out of direct sunlight and away from a heat source. Do not store in polythene, a small, old cotton duvet cover or similar is ideal.

* Exclusive VAT prices are only applicable to all orders delivered outside the UK.

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