U.S.A.A.F B2 Sheepskin Cap

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Product Description

USAAF B2 leather cap

 The B2 cap is made with genuine "shearling" sheepskin. The WWII B2 leather cap worn by our allies has a one-piece fold up flap around the sides and back which can be worn up exposing the shearling wool or worn down to cover the ears and the back of the neck. 

The USAAF B-2 winter flying cap was popular in WWII with American aircrew and can be seen on many original USAAF movies and photographs of aircrew.

Officially called the "Cap, Flying, Winter, Type B-2" it was issued and standardised in April 1939. They where issued to U.S.A.A.F. aircrew including bomber crews.

Available in: Black 12mm shearling, Brown 12mm shearling, Black with 18mm white wool.



  • Stiff leather peak is trimmed with 100% steer hide.
  • 100% Leather outer.
  • Genuine 12mm sheepskin shearling.

Product Specification

100% shearling sheepskin cap
Peak and trimmings 100% steer-hide 

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